Were You Wronged in the Workplace?

Were You Wronged in the Workplace?

Work with a top sexual harassment lawyer in Shelbyville, IN

Failing to follow the proper procedures after a harassment incident can keep you from the justice you deserve. If you think you've been harassed at your job, hire attorney Chris Starkey of the Starkey Law Offices as your sexual harassment lawyer in Shelbyville, IN. He'll help you take the right steps to make sure you have a valid case in court, including reporting the harassment to your human resources department.

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Attorney Starkey can handle family medical leave terminations

Were you fired during family medical leave? Attorney Starkey can help. You'll get attorney Starkey's undivided attention during your case. He'll pull from decades of employee protection law experience to try to get you the justice you deserve.

Call today to discuss your case with attorney Chris Starkey, a hard-working employee protection lawyer in Shelbyville, IN.