Get Justice After Suffering From Police Brutality

Hire a civil rights attorney in Shelbyville, IN

You should feel protected when coming in contact with law enforcement, but there's been a bleak history of excessive police force in Shelbyville, IN. If you're a victim of police brutality, reach out to Starkey Law Offices. As your civil rights attorney, Chris Starkey will defend your rights. He will make sure your voice is heard in the courtroom.

Police brutality can result in lasting physical wounds, mental anguish and even death. If you or a loved one is a victim of excessive force, Starkey Law Offices can help. Call 317-550-7608 now to start working on your police brutality case with a civil rights attorney.

What is excessive police force?

What is excessive police force?

There isn't a clear definition of excessive force, but that doesn't mean winning your case is impossible. Your attorney will ask important questions about the circumstances surrounding your interaction with the officer, such as:

  • Were you a threat to the officer's safety?
  • Were you resisting arrest or attempting to flee?
  • Did the officer give adequate warning?
  • Were there other reasonable alternatives?

Attorney Starkey will also investigate witnesses and examine any evidence that could strengthen your case. You deserve justice.