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He will take your unlawful entry case in Shelbyville, IN

If a police officer entered or searched your private property without probable cause or consent, you may have a case for unlawful entry or unlawful search. Stand up for yourself and protect other residents in Shelbyville, IN by taking legal action. Attorney Starkey of Starkey Law Offices has extensive experience practicing civil rights law and can help you sue for damages.

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What falls under Fourth Amendment protections?

What falls under Fourth Amendment protections?

You're protected against unlawful search and seizure under the Fourth Amendment, but what exactly does that mean? Without consent or probable cause, a law enforcement officer cannot enter or search...

  • Your home
  • Your car
  • Your person

If you're unsure if you have a case, contact attorney Starkey. He will make sure you understand your rights and your legal options in Shelbyville, IN.