Were You Wrongfully Arrested?

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Police cannot arrest a citizen without probable cause. Wrongful arrest, also known as false arrest, is a violation of your rights and an abuse of power by law enforcement. If you need a wrongful arrest attorney, turn to Starkey Law Offices in Shelbyville, IN. Attorney Starkey will do everything possible to prove your civil rights were breached.

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What is a false arrest?

What is a false arrest?

False arrest could cause humiliation, injury and damage to your reputation. You deserve compensation for your suffering. But what is considered a wrongful arrest? If a police officer...

  • Restrained you against your will using force or show of authority
  • Gave you the impression that you were not free to leave
  • Restricted your freedom of movement without probable cause

... you could have a case for wrongful arrest. A wrongful arrest attorney will help you navigate the next steps of filing a lawsuit.

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